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Ol' Roy Moore (Parody)

Struggler™ began production of their new album "Resurrection" (the official soundtrack to the Pride Against Prejudice series) in March of 2019!
Struggler™ - Resurrection

Struggler™ - Resurrection

Ol' Roy Moore

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A parody video of twice-removed former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. My apologies to the legacy of the late, great Waylon Jennings for this version! For the Pride Against Prejudice soundtrack, I'll have an actual singer do the vocals (yes, I know my vocals suck! If there's a singer out there that wants to do a better version, see the link to instrumental below and contact - but since Ol' Roy just announced his second run for US Senate, I wanted to get this video out now.


“Ol’ Roy” (Parody)

Performed by Struggler™

Yeah we call him Ol’ Roy.
Wouldn’t change if he could.
Beats all ya’ ever saw,
Chasing girls at Gadsden Mall,
Since the day they are born.

He’s fighting the gays,
Every way he knows how,
But Bible-thumping Roy was just a little bit more,
Than the courts would allow.

Riding his horse,
And he’s playing with guns,
Man’s been accused by nine women,
but he’s still gonna run.

Ol’ Roy!

Yeah we call him Ol’ Roy.
Beats all ya’ ever saw,
Making up his own laws,
Now ride off in the sun!

Credits: The arrangement and performance of Ol' Roy Moore is a musical parody by Struggler™ and is used under the "Fair Use" provisions of The Copyright Act (Section 107). It was originally composed in 1979 by Waylon Jennings as the theme song Good Ol' Boys to the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard.